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My Story

I have always been a very active person since I was a child, I have practiced ballet, competitive acrobatic dance, swimming, squash, running, cycling and many more. I discovered mind-body exercises such as yoga and Pilates in my twenties when it was most needed for me. It taught me how to remain in the present and how to be in touch with my own body.


After moving countries and relocating from London to the Middle East I decided to make a big move and leave the corporate world to go after my passion in movement, human anatomy, physical and mental health. I went through my first teacher's training in contemporary Pilates, became certified and started working full time as a teacher. I immediately knew that I had found my real passion: helping people I met through my work.
I have since practiced with a lot of different people, cultures, body types and personalities. I have gained great knowledge about people, movement patterns, body alignment and corrections.

Since my first teacher's training certification, I have completed numerous advanced educational courses known to be at the highest level around the globe.

I am now certified in dealing with special conditions, active rehabilitation for common pathologies, atypical neuro patients, developing people's movement and lives - following neurodevelopmental principles.

The clinical approach to movement comes natural to me since I grew up in a family of doctors and medical professionals. I have inherited a great passion for human anatomy, to healing people and to improve people's health and their wellbeing.

All this learning gave me far more than I originally expected. The vast knowledge I have acquired, the yoga philosophy, the carefully crafted methods of practices and the personal growth are outstanding. It has changed me as a person, as a teacher and it has given me such confidence as a movement professional.

Credentials / Certificates

  • BASI Pilates Teacher's Training

  • NeuroPilates - Injuries and Special Population

  • NeuroPilates - Pain Management

  • Franklin Method - Shoulders and Neck

  • LYT Yoga Level 1 - 200Hrs

  • LYT Method Advanced Degree - 500Hrs

  • Level 2 Advanced Anatomy Certification

  • Pre- and Post-natal

  • Seniors

  • Athletes

  • Atypical neurodevelopmental population

  • Z-Health - Neuro-fundamentals - Applied Neuroscience for Pain Relief and Improved Performance

  • Movement Consultant

  • Advanced Strength Training Techniques

Tundi movement practice
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