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Welcome to Move with Tundi community,

My name is Tundi, I am very happy to have you here and to guide you through safe and sustainable movement practices.

Join the movement that will make you feel better, stronger and more balanced in your body and mind. Learn to move in a more optimal way, creating better posture, stronger core, gaining strength and confidence through fun and creative sequences.

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Join the movement

Move with Tundi application


Join through the App

Join and practice through our mobile application for simple and easy access to our ever growing library of classes.

Through the app you now have the access to receive personalized feedback from me on your form, alignment and movement and bring your movement practice to the next level.

What you will get

Classes start whenever you decide

Practice anytime, anywhere unlimited.

From the comfort of your home, from your favorite park or take it with you when you travel.

Smart, safe and sustainable movement

Creative sequences designed to challenge your body and brain, delivered to educate you about better movement in a safe and functional way for a long-lasting movement experience.

Try new classes and styles

You can choose from a selection of different styles based on Pilates, functional movement, strengthening sculpt classes, yoga, breathing exercises, meditations, mobility and stretching.

Monthly subscription

Subscribe to access all of the constantly evolving library of videos including different programs.

A Word from my clients

Tundi mobility

Join Move with Tundi

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